Thursday, May 10, 2012

This past winter 2011-12 and new beginnings

Another winter has gone. I tried to devise a way to make winter a little more pleasant and so I put a lounge chair in the greenhouse ..instant solarium!...Not a bad idea all in all !

I spent a good part of this past winter in my studio ...making "les filles de joie" or may we say "pigs of dubious reputation?" I had a lot of fun putting them together from stone and fabric. Do you think that Christian Dior and Yves St. Laurent may be worried about the competition?

And...of course, I painted lots more teapots and tea cups for the Tea Garden and Gallery...more yellow cats, blue dogs, brown dogs, pigs and frogs....

The Tea Garden will have its opening on Thursday, July 7th...  
Open: Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays....11:30-4:00
Reservations requested
Sundays may be reserved upon request for large gatherings of
                        clubs, organizations, parties etc.

The gardens are always open for visits and the gallery is open Monday-Saturday most days...
                                                      Come and visit !

Friday, October 15, 2010

The frost is on the pumpkins..and the tomatoes and the....

Dear Bloggers,

Thank you for returning to my site... This is the last entry of the year. The Tea Garden closed after Labor Day and will re-open again the first Friday in June....same hours: 11:30-4:00...Friday-Sunday.

It was an exciting and exhausting beginning...I never attended Tea Garden School...and so I was very grateful to friends that helped me along the way.
Michelle with little Sparky and Emma
Julie and Lucy properly dressed for tea

A surprise guest !

a definite lack of table manners.....

Hoping that you will be able to visit next year.....
Best wishes,

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Snow falling on daffodils....(and tulips also) What a whiff of spring we HAD until yesterday when we swooped back into winter.

Since my last blog entry..which was actually my first... I have been very busy starting up the tea garden. I would like to show you several photos....

Yes, more teapots....and cups too! These will be used to serve tea and will also be for sale.

I planted vegetable and flower seeds several weeks ago and they are all under grow lights in the living room. I used heating mats under the plant trays and that really helped the seeds to germinate much more quickly.

These seedlings will be moved into a greenhouse that I just bought...a very small greenhouse....6'6" x 7'7" ...that looks very sweet sitting in the garden. It is a Rion Eco Grow that can withstand -32 degree temps, winds up to 60 mph and 110 lbs of snow/square meter...and so hopefully it will be here for many winters to come.

As you can see, there are as many benches as could possibly be stuffed into this little greenhouse. There are also raised beds all around the perimeter of the base where I will be able to plant a late fall crop of cold hardy vegetables.

The opening of the Tea Garden is next week.. Thursday, May 6th...Mother's Day weekend... The new patio looks a bit forlorn in the photo below but in just a little more than a week, it will become filled with baskets of flowers, tables covered with floral tablecloths, lots and lots of teapots and guests.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 15,2010...The beginnings of the Tea Garden at Inky Dinky Oinkink, Stowe, Vermont

Handpainted Tea Pots for the Tea Garden

Good morning, dear bloggers. Today I have officially become a blogger by pushing through the computer-phobic firewall that I have erected since I first bought this computer into my home. Its initial purpose was to simply gather information and send e-mails to friends but now I have come to learn that it has become an essential part of promoting my business and to inform people of recent happenings and happenings-to-be

And so I would like to tell you that all this winter I have been in the process of starting up a tea garden in Moscow, Vermont. Moscow is a part of Stowe but the slower side, the side where tourists rarely go, the side that has an alpaca farm up the road, where Jasper the donkey shares his barn with several horses at the top of the hill and where people have chickens and ducks and goats. I have lived here for 7 years, a transplant from Manhattan and Woodstock, NY...and I have fallen in love with the mountains and the style of life here where many people have created lives that center around stewardship of the land, the creation of small progressive farms and sustainable living. When I first arrived, I started up a garden and the Inky Dinky Oinkink Organic Farmstand was created where I sold herbs, bouquets of flowers and lots of vegetables and edible flowers. This venture evolved into the Moscow Co-op last year. If you were to visit this coming season, you would find all sorts of hand-made and home-grown items produced by my neighbors here in Moscow....granola, maple syrup, fresh eggs, dog biscuits, alpaca wool, goat cheese, birdhouses, handknit hats , baked items, local chicken, beef and pork, and of course, all sorts of organic vegetables, flowers and herbs. I also transformed a battered outbuilding into a colorful gallery/gift shop where I exhibit and sell my artwork and lastly, have created a cozy B&B in part of the farmhouse which is my home. Here, rooms are decorated with my artwork and I serve hearty Vermont breakfasts and afternoon tea made with produce from my garden...a very nice synthesis of garden and art and food..(the food is the part I just might love too much!) And so up to this point, Inky Dinky Oinkink has been comprised of a gallery/giftshop, a bed and breakfast and farmstand. You can visit at

Inside the Inky Dinky Oinkink Gallery/Giftshop

It is not surprising that the next step would be the creation of a tea garden. And here is where we begin.......

I have no photos to show you of the tea garden ....not yet...there is still snow on the ground...but the tea garden will be open for the first time on Mother's the same time that the flowers that I planted around the patio will be starting to bloom. Seating will be on the patio and on the side porch where sweets and savories ( made with freshly picked produce from the garden and local products) will be served to guests who will be surrounded by the sight and scents of flowers. Guests are welcome to visit the gallery and Co-op and stroll through the gardens and greenhouse. The Tea Garden will be open Thursday-Sunday from reservations necessary unless you are planning tea for a large gathering. It will close for the season after Labor Day.

The Gallery/Giftshop

I have been busy testing new recipes.. My tried and true ones are my death by chocolate cake with pink pig sprinkles, carrot cake, apple crumb pie, orange poppyseed cake, almond cookies, raspberry tart with whipped cream, chive and lavender scones, stuffed grape leaves, salmon mousse, ginger snaps, rugalech...and many new ones still to be discovered. I have also just purchased a small greenhouse that is lying in pieces on the side porch and waiting to be put together after the thaw. I plan to propagate scented geraniums in the greenhouse and John, owner of the Vermont Liberty Tea Company in Waterbury has given me a wonderful recipe for making jellies using geranium leaves...wonderful with scones !

Organic Farmstand expanded into the Moscow C0-op

John's Recipe:

Ingredients: several scented geranium leaves ( rose, mint..etc. I like rose)

jar of apple jelly

Heat the apple jelly in a saucepan until it becomes liquid. Cool slightly and place in a container with the leaves. Close container and refrigerate..What could be simpler !

You are looking at Hundie's memorial garden
in the shape of a dog biscuit. Hundie was a very handsome but rather chunky black English Cocker who was a true gourmutt. He was particularly fond of dog biscuits.

Bistro tables and chairs have been bought, flowery table cloths sewn, plates, cups and saucers have been stashed and I am now busy painting teapots that guests will be able to purchase. I am really enjoying all of this..It brings together everything that I love to do... bake, cook, eat, paint, garden, feed people and create beautiful places where people feel comfortable and happy.

I will be telling you more as time goes on.. Thank you for reading my blog.

Here's to Spring !!